KCK: KRG must take a stand against the Turkish state

The KCK's Foreign Affairs Committee calls on the regional government of Southern Kurdistan to take a stand against the attacks of the Turkish state and to participate in the defence of the Kurdish people.

The Committee for External Relations of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) made a statement on the Turkish drone attack on August 11 in the region of Bradost in Southern Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. The Turkish Air Force bombed vehicles of Iraqi border guard units on Tuesday, killing two commanders and a driver. The KCK committee notes that while the drone attack on Iraqi territory has been condemned by all sides only the Kurdish regional government has not taken any action.

The statement of the KCK Foreign Affairs Committee includes the following:

"On August 11, 2020, the fascist Turkish state deliberately attacked a vehicle of the Iraqi Border Guard Battalion in Kalashin in the region of Bradost. According to the statements, the attack resulted in casualties, among them two Iraqi commanders. Both commanders and the other dead were members of the Bradost tribe. We express our condolences to the families of the victims of this Turkish attack.

While everybody rejects and condemns this attack and the occupation operation, the KRG Ministry of Interior has not adopted a condemning and rejecting attitude to the Turkish attack. On the contrary, a statement has been made that legitimises and justifies this attack. We want to emphasise that we reject the mindset and attitude behind it. This attitude has nothing to do with patriotism and does not correspond to any ethical values. Furthermore, there is no political, legal or legitimate justification for this statement. It only serves to legitimise the attacks of the Turkish state. Justifying a deliberate attack on Iraqi border guards with the Kurdish liberation movement is a deliberate attitude with one aim in mind. 

In recent years, Turkey's attacks on Southern Kurdistan territory have taken a systematic form. Besides the ground operations aimed at occupation, dozens of Kurds have been killed in air attacks. More recently, armed unmanned aerial vehicles have been added to these attacks. The Turkish action represents an open attack on the Kurdish people and the achievements in all parts of Kurdistan. It is a declaration of war. Against attacks and occupation, the government of Southern Kurdistan must stand by the side of the resistance forces that defend the Kurdish people and Kurdistan. Instead of calling on the guerrilla to leave Southern Kurdistan, the government must take a stand against the Republic of Turkey together with all Kurdish forces. This is what our people and our friends expect."