KDP betrayal under the guise of border security

The KDP is deploying more and more troops near the guerrilla areas. In order to avoid reactions from the Kurdish public, this military deployment by the collaborators is taking place under the guise of border security.

The KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) is gearing up for open warfare against the Kurdish freedom movement. As an extended arm and profiteer of Turkish fascism, the ruling party of the Barzani family in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) is amassing more and more troops in and near the guerrilla areas. Meanwhile, the guerrillas are proceeding with the utmost caution so as not to give the KDP any pretext. In order to avoid criticism and protests from the Kurdish population, the KDP's troop deployments are disguised as operations by Iraqi border protection units.

Based on images and video material available to ANF and statements by those involved, it has emerged that the "border protection units" are entirely troops of the collaborator KDP. The units in the guerrilla area are not normal Peshmerga, but the Zerevanî units sworn to the Barzani clan, the intelligence service Parastin and the Gulan units of Masrour Barzani.

According to information available to ANF, the Turkish state is exerting pressure on the KDP to take direct action against the guerrillas. As a result, the KDP, which is dependent on Turkey, has mobilized its troops. However, this mobilization is being carried out in the name of "Iraqi border security" to avoid public reaction in Southern Kurdistan.

Iraq is to be dragged into the war

In this context, it was learned that the KDP wants to include Iraq in the policies of the Turkish state through various plans and the KDP sent a delegation to Baghdad to meet with the Iraqi central government. It is reported that during the talks with Iraqi government representatives, the KDP delegation officially called for military forces to be deployed against smuggling and drug trafficking on the border. During this meeting, it was decided to deploy a force under the name of Iraqi Border Guards to prevent drug trafficking and smuggling, but the KDP sent its own forces to the guerrilla areas under the name of this force.

Troops are led by KDP cadres

The so-called Iraqi border guard units were initially deployed to the regions of Duhok and Şîladizê. The KDP units flying the Iraqi flag are under the command of KDP cadre Dilêr Ferzende. Dilêr Ferzende is a direct member of the Barzanî clan. He is the great-nephew of the head of the Barzanî clan, Mesûd Barzanî. The Iraqi central government was surprised by this action and declared its disapproval. The deployment of KDP troops as "Iraqi Border Guard Units" would contradict Iraq's goals. Iraqi government representatives are said to have accused the KDP of "breaking its word".

It has been revealed that the Iraqi Border Guard Units sent to Duhok and Şêladizê regions are all KDP-affiliated forces, and that Dilêr Ferzende, nephew of Hoshyar Zebari, is in charge of this force. While Ferzende is said to be in charge of the force deployed to Şêladizê, the Iraqi central government is reported to be against this action by the KDP. It is stated that Baghdad is uncomfortable with this situation, and that the KDP was told that the positioning of the Iraqi Border Guard Units in this way is not in accordance with Iraq's purpose and that objections were raised against it.

It was also stated that Iraqi officials met with the KDP and said, "You told us one thing, but there is a different situation on the ground."