KJK warns against new Turkish occupation plans

Following Wednesday's deadly air raids, the KJK warns of a new comprehensive occupation plan by the Turkish state and a resurgence of inner-Kurdish conflicts.

After the deadly air raids of April 15 on the Maxmur refugee camp and the area of Zinê Wertê in the Qandil region in South Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Women’s Community (KJK) warns of a massive operation of the Turkish army.

A statement published by the KJK coordination today says: "The AKP/MHP government is trying to use the days of the Corona pandemic as a springboard for its aggressive militaristic policy and is pursuing a new occupation and attack plan. It is no coincidence that the operations of the Turkish occupying army in the settlement areas in Zinê Wertê are being increased and expanded at the same time as the deployment of KDP military forces to the region.

The Ministry of Peshmerga informed that these forces were the Seventh Infantry Battalion sent to the area at the request of the Commission for the Battle against Coronavirus. It is being pretended that the transfer of troops is a humanitarian measure against the pandemic. This is to conceal the truth. The deployment is not about health, it is creating a new threat to human life. The action increases the risk of armed conflict between the Kurdish parties. The bombing of the area has resulted in human casualties. The local people are very worried and do not know what to do in the event of possible conflict and where to go in the pandemic period. The health and lives of people are now in even greater danger.

The forces behind this plan want to take advantage of the Corona pandemic and have set themselves in motion. The Turkish state is pursuing this policy quite openly anyway and is attacking Maxmur and other areas. If the KDP does not want to be one of these forces, it must revise the steps it has taken so far."

The KJK pointed out that the PUK (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) has opposed the situation and that the Seventh Infantry Battalion consists mainly of KDP forces. The Zinê Wertê area, however, is under the control of the PUK.

According to the KJK, the attacks on the liberation movement have been intensified due to the stationing of Peshmerga forces in the Qandil region and further troop deployment of the Turkish army to Southern Kurdistan has taken place. Heavy weapons were dispatched along with the peshmerga units and the transport was accompanied by Turkish combat drones. According to the KJK, the military movements of the KDP forces and the Turkish army had taken place "synchronously".

"We are political organisations that have witnessed the great suffering experienced by the Kurdish people because of inner-Kurdish conflicts. With its insidious plans, our enemy wants to eliminate a force that is waging a liberation struggle and tries to protect the people from occupation. In order to achieve this, it wants to secure the help of other Kurdish forces and integrate them into its dirty plan. No Kurdish political movement should get involved in these machinations. All political forces that take part in this intrigue will sooner or later be condemned by history and by our people for their crime", the KJK said and called for action to prevent an "occupation by the enemies of the Kurds".