Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er enter 5th day of death fast in Hewlêr Prison

The death fast started by Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er, who were tortured in Hewlêr Prison, entered its 5th day.

Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er have entered the 5th day of the death fast they began against torture practices and rights violations.

Dağ and Er were sentenced to death by the first-instance court for the attack that took place in the Kurdistan Federal Region on 17 July 2019, in which diplomat Osman Köse, working at the Turkish Consulate General in Hewlêr, and Iraqi citizens Neriman Osman and Beşdar Ramazan lost their lives.

Mazlum Dağ and Abdurrahman Er said that they were insulted by the KDP forces during the count done before the meeting with their families, and that, when they reacted to the situation, they were beaten and put in reverse handcuffs.