SDF captures two Turkish occupation intelligence agents

The SDF said it captured two Turkish occupation intelligence agents.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) confirmed in a statement that they captured two men working for Turkish intelligence.

The statement said: "In line with their military and security tasks to combat ISIS terrorist cells and dismantle the Turkish occupation networks in the regions of Northern and Eastern Syria, our SDF special units have apprehended two individuals who were acting as agents for Turkish occupation intelligence. These agents were actively involved in gathering information about the whereabouts of security and military forces and the facilities belonging to the Autonomous Administration. Their activities also extended to pinpointing commanders within our forces, and they were receiving financial compensation in exchange for their involvement in acquiring such information."

The statement added: "During the interrogations conducted with the two mercenaries, they admitted to their complicity in transmitting information and coordinates of military sites belonging to the SDF military councils in Tal Tamir, Zarkan, Amuda, and Al-Darbasiya. These sites have been targeted by Turkish occupation forces in recent times, resulting in the unfortunate loss of several brave fighters. Additionally, the mercenaries have confessed to relaying details concerning the movements of our force’s commanders, including Rezan Clu, the co-president of the Martyrs’ Families Foundation, who was subjected to an assassination attempt last year by a Turkish UAV."

The statement said: "The captured mercenary operative, Elias Muhammad Al-Rahil, born in Al-Darbasiya in 1997, has confessed to engaging in multiple acts of espionage. He admitted to transmitting photographs and coordinates of numerous military and service sites in Zarkan, Amuda, and Al-Darbasiya to the Turkish occupation forces. Upon verification, it was discovered that much of the provided information and coordinates were subsequently targeted by aerial and artillery bombardments during recent periods. Furthermore, the agent also admitted his involvement in identifying leaders of the SDF and their movements, including Rezan Clu, who survived the attack carried out by a Turkish UAV in the previous year.
The captured mercenary operative, Elias Al-Rahil, has admitted to traveling to Turkey and meeting with Turkish intelligence agents. During these encounters, he offered his services in exchange for money."

The statement added that "the other mercenary agent, Hamid Khalil Al-Ahmad, born in Kharza, Amuda, in 1998, confessed to having direct contact with a member of Turkish intelligence. He admitted to transmitting information concerning over twenty military, security, and service sites in Zarkan, Amuda, and Al-Darbasiya. One of these sites, located in the village of Kharza, was subjected to aerial bombardment by Turkish forces, resulting in the unfortunate loss of two fighters from the Self-Defense Forces.

Following the conclusion of the investigations, both agents were handed over to the appropriate judicial institutions for further legal proceedings."