Aydar: Düsseldorf rally will mark the culmination of all actions

KCK Executive Council Member Zübeyir Aydar called for participation in the massive rally to be held in Düsseldorf on June 25 under the leadership of the ‘Defend Kurdistan’ initiative.

KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Council Member Zübeyir Aydar spoke to ANF about the ongoing Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan, the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, the "Great March to Gemlik" and the Düsseldorf rally and march to be held on June 25 to protest the Turkish occupation and its use of chemical weapons.

Defining the latest wave of Turkish attacks as “all-out aggression”, Aydar stated, "The Turkish state is mounting attacks in every field. It's not just attacking guerrilla areas or using prohibited weapons, but also attacking Rojava and threatening further invasion. In the meantime, dozens of people are detained, jailed and tortured in North Kurdistan every day. The current attacks of the Turkish state against the Kurds constitute an all-out aggression.”

Aydar said that the Turkish state based its attacks on hostility toward the Kurds: “All they think is how to destroy the Kurds. The Turkish government is chasing the Kurds all over the world in the North, South, Rojava and Rojhilat Kurdistan. If we look at its diplomatic activities, we can see how it causes crises with regard to the NATO issue. It is all because of its treatment of the Kurds.”


Aydar also addressed the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in Imrali prison, saying, “We have not heard any single news from Öcalan since March 25, 2021, that is, for 15 months. He had already been subject to aggravated isolation for a long period of time. There was a partial relaxation during the 2019 elections; but since 2015, an aggravated isolation has been in place. There is also huge repression of political prisoners in all Turkish prisons. They are trying to turn prisons into houses of death.”

Pointing to the growing reaction against isolation in the national and international arena, Aydar continued, “Our people fight against isolation at every level. There are ongoing initiatives as part of the freedom for Öcalan campaign in Europe and worldwide. A similar initiative was launched at a trade union congress in England most recently.”

The Kurdish politician noted that 775 lawyers from 29 bar associations, including representatives of institutions and bar association heads, have applied to Bursa Chief Public Prosecutor's Office recently to be allowed to pay a visit to Imrali Prison. I think the press should focus on this issue more because it is not an ordinary initiative. 775 lawyers coming together to meet Öcalan is very important."


Aydar spoke about the Great Gemlik March organized by the HDP, the HDK, the DTK, the TJA, the MED TUHAD-FED and the DBP to protest the isolation of Öcalan, which took place on June 12 under tight security measures by the Turkish state. “The Gemlik march as part of the Freedom Campaign, which Turkish security forces attempted to block, was extremely important. At a time when all democratic activities are banned across the country, it is important to organize a march to Imrali at the expense of torture, detention and arrest.”


Aydar pointed to the protest action held every week since April 14 outside the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) with the participation of Kurds from Benelux countries and their friends to protest the Turkish invasion attacks against Kurdistan and the use of chemical weapons. “Our people and friends express reaction and struggle against occupation and chemical attacks. The activists want to draw attention to what is going on in Kurdistan,” he said.

Aydar emphasized the importance of the "Defend Kurdistan, defend the revolution" actions organized as part of the "Global mobilization for Kurdistan" campaign to protest the Turkish invasion attacks. He described these actions as the revolt of the Kurds and their friends against Turkish occupation. “From Tokyo to Toronto, that is, all over Europe, Australia and America, the Kurds and their friends rose up against chemical attacks and occupation on the same day. This was a very important action.”


Aydar also made evaluations about the march and rally to be held by the Defend Kurdistan Peace Initiative in Düsseldorf on June 25 under the motto "Defend Kurdistan against Turkish occupation and chemical weapons." “I congratulate everyone who has organized and participated in these actions during this period,” Aydar said, adding that the June 25 rally would be the continuation and culmination of the actions carried out so far”.

Aydar remarked that if the Turkish attacks continue, there will be further mass demonstrations. “The Kurds and their friends are preparing for a major European-wide action in Düsseldorf on June 25. This demonstration will be the continuation of all the actions I have just mentioned. It will be a culmination of the previous actions. The actions are very likely to continue after that. If the Turkish attacks and the isolation continue, these actions will continue, too. However, the rally to be held in Düsseldorf is currently an important point on the agenda.”


Aydar underlined that the June 25 action will represent solidarity with Öcalan and the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas. “I invite all the Kurds and their friends in Europe to express their reaction and to show their solidarity with the Kurds, the guerrillas and chairman Öcalan. I believe that this will be an important action, and it will attract the attention of world public opinion.”