Celebrations for 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the PKK continue throughout Europe

The 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the PKK was celebrated in Reims, France and Giessen, Germany, where the PKK ban was asked to be lifted.

Events to mark the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the PKK continue throughout Europe.


An event was held in the French city of Reims to mark the 43rd anniversary of the PKK's founding.

FEDA co-chair, Demir Çelik, said: "Our people must fight wherever they are. They should embrace the struggle and contribute to it wherever they are, like an ant carrying water to extinguish the fire. We must unite and win. We have set an example for the peoples of the Middle East."

Yazidi artist Amar Zakirov took to the stage, followed by Lea Gariglietti, who sang in Romani, Spanish and Italian languages.

Messages from different institutions and organizations were also read during the night. The message of TKP/ML France said: "The comprehensive policy of heavy isolation against the PKK founder and Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Öcalan, continues. So do the attempts by the fascist Turkish state to destroy the Kurdish nation. We have no doubt that the Kurdish nation and its organized struggle in Garê, Heftanîn, Zap and Qandil will defeat the enemy once again."

The night ended with the performances of Hozan Farqîn, Nûarîn and Diyar Dersim.


The celebration held in Giessen started with a minute’s silence for the martyrs of the Kurdistan freedom struggle.

Making a speech, KON MED co-chair Zübeyde Zümrüt emphasized that the only strength that resists in the Middle East is the freedom movement.

Commending the struggle of the Kurdish people in Germany, Zümrüt called to take the fight against the ban on the PKK to a higher level.

The celebration ended with the performance of local artists and Hozan Seyidxan.