FED-MED calls on "all Kurds to be in Berlin to defend resistance in Zap" on Saturday

FED-MED called for "all Kurds living in and around NRW and their friends to be in Berlin to defend the Zap resistance" tomorrow, Saturday.

In a written statement, FED-MED said: "In order to protect our existence and ensure our freedom, we, the Kurdish people, have no other way but to resist this latest wave of attacks with all our means and in every field. It is with this in mind that we call on everyone to attend the great 'Kurdistan Against Occupation and Betrayal' rally that will take place in Berlin tomorrow, Saturday 14 May within the framework of the defense of Kurdistan.”

Bus times of departure are as follows:

"Friday, 13.05.22

Time : 22.30 Euskirchen Bhf

Time : 23.00 Meckenheim Bhf

Time : 23.30 Bornheimer str 88 Bonn

Time : 23.30 Hindenburg str 224 Möncgladbach

Time : 23.00 Wesel Bhf

Time : 23.30 Kaiser-Wilhelm str 260 Duisburg

Saturday 14.05.22

Time : 00.30 Düsseldorf Bus Bhf

Time : 00.00 Elberfelder str 38 Wuppertal

Time : 01.00 Rütger-von-scheven str 3 Düren

Time : 00.00 Blücherplatz Aachen

Time : 00.30 Mülheim Bhf Cologne

Time : 01.00 Overfeld weg 34 a Leverkusen

Time : 06.30 Bielefeld Bhf

Time : 00.00 Bornstr 166 Dortmund

Time : 00.00 am freistain 50 Essen

Time : 00.00 Duisburg HBF

Time : 01.00 Münster Bus Bhf

Time: 02.00 Osnabürk Bhf."