KNK: The status and security of Yazidi people must be guaranteed

The KNK said that the German Bundestag's recognition of the crimes carried out against the Yazidi people as genocide is an important decision, but it is insufficient. The next step, it said, must be the recognition of their status.

The Kurdistan National Congress (Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê-KNK) Executive Council, in a written statement, said it considered the German Federal Assembly's recognition of crimes carried out against the Yazidi people as genocide as an important decision, but it warned that it was not enough.

The statement said: "After the recognition by the Council of Europe and 10 states, the German Bundestag also recognized the genocide against the Yazidi people in 2014. The Kurdistan National Congress finds this decision important.

In 2014, the Yazidi people were the victim of very heavy attacks by ISIS and some of their allies. They wanted to exterminate the Yazidis and we know that ISIS did not do this alone. He benefited from the complicity of some regional states.

The decision of the German Parliament on the definition of genocide is therefore positive, but it is insufficient to heal the wounds of the Yazidi people and solve their problems."

The statement continued: "The recognition of the Yazidi genocide by international institutions, starting from the UN and the EU, is correct and appropriate. However, it is insufficient. Some more decisions are required in order to secure non-repetition and to compensate for the damage and casualties to some extent.

The status and security of our Yazidi people must be guaranteed. The KNK demands international institutions to fulfill their responsibilities on this matter."

The KNK listed its demands as follows:

"Ensuring the security of the Yazidi people in Shengal and the countries they settled in.

Recognizing the will of the Yazidi people and of the official status of the Shengal region.

Ensuring the trial, at the Court of Justice, of ISIS mercenaries and the forces involved in the genocide.

Protecting the Shengal and Yazidi people from the attacks carried out by the Turkish state in the areas where they settled.

Launching an international project to rebuild Shengal under the leadership of the people of Shengal

Creating opportunities for the Yazidi people to return to their lands."