KON-MED: Defend Shengal

The Kurdish umbrella organisation in Germany, KON-MED condemned the deadly Turkish drone attack on the co-chair of the Shengal Autonomous Administration Executive Council, Merwan Bedel, and called for the defence of the region.

In a statement on the deadly drone attack in Shengal, the Kurdish umbrella organization in Germany, KON-MED criticised the German government for its support of Turkey and said: "The fascist Turkish state continues its murderous attacks on the Kurdish people. In the air attack on the Shengal region, the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration, Merwan Bedel, was killed, his two children were saved. We strongly condemn this heinous drone attack.

It is states like the USA and Germany that, by their silence, prepare the ground for the Turkish state to carry out such massacres. It is the USA that has opened its airspace to Turkey and, as a NATO member, condones all the illegal and cruel attacks of the Turkish state. It is the German government that concludes agreements with countries like Turkey on the basis of economic interests. With the money from the EU refugee deal, Turkey finances its state terror and the terror of ISIS. By ignoring the current massacres, a renaissance of ISIS is being accepted.

In the face of the attacks and massacres by the Turkish state and the silence of the international community on this, our resistance against colonialism must expand everywhere. We must build Kurdish unity and stand up for our language, our land, our culture and our values more than ever.

On this basis, we as KON-MED call on all our revolutionary-democratic friends and especially on our people to stand against the murderous policies of the Turkish state, to defend Shengal and to expand the struggle by filling the streets and squares everywhere together."