Kurds celebrate 43rd anniversary of PKK's establishment in Sydney

Kurds and their friends in Sydney celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the PKK's establishment.

The 43rd anniversary of the PKK's establishment was celebrated by the people of Kurdistan and their friends in Sydney.

The celebration was held at the Sydney Democratic Kurdish Community Center and started with a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs of the revolution.

In the speech made by the DKTM co-chairs, the following messages were given: "This movement has reached its 43rd year with great efforts. Leader Apo [Abdullah Ocalan] called the PKK the party of martyrs. There cannot be a more meaningful name than this. Happy foundation anniversary of the PKK to all our martyrs and patriotic people in the person of the Leader!"

The celebration ended with the slogan "The PKK is the people, the people cannot be banned".