Pentagon: Turkish attacks on NE Syria benefit ISIS

According to a Pentagon report, ISIS has benefited from the Turkish state invasion of Rojava and the withdrawal of US forces.

A new report published by the Pentagon said "that ISIS has exploited the Turkish incursion and subsequent drawdown of US troops from northeastern Syria to reconstitute its capabilities and resources both within Syria in the short term and globally in the longer term."

The report issued by the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) added: "The withdrawal and redeployment of US troops has also affected the fight against ISIS, which remains a threat in the region and globally."

The report has indicated that Turkey's operation and the subsequent withdrawal of US troops "has allowed ISIS to rebuild itself and boosted its ability to launch attacks abroad."

The Pentagon underlined that "with SDF and US operations against ISIS in Syria diminished, ISIS was likely to exploit the reduction in counterterrorism pressure to reconstitute its operations in Syria and expand its ability to conduct transnational attacks."

The report said the intelligence agency assesses that ISIS is "postured to withstand al-Baghdadi's death, and probably will maintain continuity of operations, global cohesion, and at least its current trajectory."