War crimes in Afrin: More civilians kidnapped for ransom

Many civilians have been abducted for ransom in Afrin, occupied by the Turkish state since 2018. Many of the kidnapped civilians are women.

According to the Syrian-Afrin Human Rights Organization, the invaders on 30 June  have kidnapped in the village of Dargirê (Mabata), Cemal Umer Eliko (28), Sebrî Ehmed Mihemed (40), Mihyedin Eliko (55) and his mother Fidan, Ebdo Mihemed Abdullah (35 ) and his mother Fatime, Imad Qadir Hisên (35) and his mother Emina.

Cemal Umer Elîko, Imad Qadir Hisên, Ebdo Mihemed Abdullah have been released for a ransom, while others are still held hostage by the Turkish state.

Afrin and its region have been under Turkish occupation since March 2018. Inhuman crimes are systematically committed in the region, houses and public buildings are plundered, like are economic resources. A "terrorist regime" has been established in the occupation areas.

On 9 June, 8 civilians were kidnapped in the village of Raco in Mabata, and their families or relatives were asked for ransom.

According to information published at the end of May, 11 women kidnapped in 2018 were subjected to brutal torture for 2 years. Women kidnapped for ransom were hidden from their families for about two years.

In April, the special police created by the Turkish state in the occupied territories kidnapped Henife Ico (70), Nebiha Cewdet (70), Mihemed Seydo's (60) wife Kerima, Cinet Mistefa (50), Fatima Mamo (50), Mehmûd Ehmed Hebeş's (45) wife Fehima. These were later released after a ransom of between 200 and 400 Turkish liras was paid.