YPS/YPS-JIN calls on people to destroy the Imrali torture system

YPS/YPS-JIN said in a statement: "We are calling on people to put an end to fascism's destruction and genocidal crimes, as well as overthrow the Imrali isolation and torture regime."

In a written statement issued by the YPS/YPS-JIN Coordination, the following remarks were made:

"We are completing the 23rd year of the historical international conspiracy launched by the United States on October 9, 1998, on behalf of the global capitalist modernity system, with the goal of destroying Leader Abdullah Öcalan and ending the Kurdish people as a whole. We remember with respect and appreciation all the heroes who were murdered while fighting against the international conspiracy in the figure of comrades M. Halit Oral and Aynur Artan, who were the first martyrs of the conspiracy resistance for 23 years with the slogan ‘You cannot shade our sun’”.


The statement continued as follows:

"On behalf of the global capital, the US government at the time organized and carried out the October 9 International Conspiracy, which is the most unjust, cruel, and atrocious crime against humanity in history. The key powers that have kept the Imrali torture and isolation system running for 22 years are the United States and the Council of Europe, that have kept the international conspiracy going by modernizing it from time to time. As a result, this system perpetuates the Kurdish genocide and it is complicit in all of the Turkish state's fascist, genocidal, attacks, and atrocities against the Kurdish people. Their goal was to overthrow the Rojava revolution by attacking Serêkaniye and Girê Sipî in October 2019. In the hands of the Turkish state, the conspiracy has been planned to be extended throughout Kurdistan to assault the Rojava revolution, which is the source of freedom and hope for its people. Similarly, on October 9, 2020, conspiracy troops from Turkey, Iraq, and the KDP united and waged out an attack against the inhabitants of Shengal and Yazidis. They wanted to carry out the same genocide they attempted to in Shengal.”

The statement continued: “Just like the Kurdish people's leader turned the Imrali torture system into the 3rd rebirth with an unprecedented resistance, the peoples of Kurdistan moved from Europe to the Middle East, with a constant resistance all over the world and knew how to nullify the genocide attempts of these attacks in the same fashion.

Again on this basis, with the approval of the conspiratorial forces of the Turkish Republic, an invasion has been launched against the resistance fortresses in the mountains of Kurdistan, which has been the qibla of the Kurdish people since April 2021. In response to these attacks, the guerrillas carried out an epic, self-sacrificing struggle in accordance with its historical purpose and mission, nullifying these attacks and causing their plans to collapse. The Kurdish people and their fighters will once again use their own strength to break up fascism, liberate Kurdistan, and free their leader. We have no doubt that we are on the verge of witnessing all of these events. Fascism can only be defeated through self-defence, self-power, and resistance.

We call on all Kurds, especially Kurdish youth and women, to resist in all fields and to overthrow the Imrali isolation and torture system."