15th day of human shield action in Kobane

The human shield activists in Kobane continue their demonstration with high morale on day 15 despite the cold and the rain.

People’s protests and demonstrations against the invading Turkish state’s threats against Northern and Eastern Syria continue.

The people of Kobane had started a human shield action on December 17 against Turkish state threats in the Qeremox village and moved the action to the HPC offices in Kobane city center on day 10.

The demonstration continues with great morale as the people and representatives from various institutions continue to show support through visits every day.

On the 15th day of the human shield action, committees from Kongreya Star, TEV-DEM, Education Committee and Women’s Committee as well as large numbers of Kobane residents paid visits.

The Botan arts group held a play and a concert in support for the activists.

The human shield action continues throughout the day with great resolve by activists despite the cold and the rain as seminars and various activities continue.