Bab Military Council Commander: Turkish attacks target civilians

Bab Military Council Commander said Turkish army and mercenaries are targeting villages inhabited by civilians and vowed to protect the people.

Bab Military Council Commander Hemo Ebdulrezaq spoke to Hawar News Agency (ANHA) about the recently increased attacks of the occupying Turkish army and allied mercenaries against the villages of Kor Hiyûk and Buxazê to the east of Bab city.

Remarking that the Turkish army affiliated mercenaries have been provoking their forces on the front, Ebdulrezaq said; “The latest attempt of the mercenaries took place last night. They attacked our forces in Kor Hiyûk and Buxazê villages.”

The Commander stressed that the villages targeted in the attacks are inhabited by civilians. He noted that the mercenaries use heavy weaponry in the attacks which -he said- are retaliated by the fighters of the Council according to legitimate self defense.

Ebdulrezaq ended his speech, emphasising that they get strength and morale from the people, adding; “The people state that they are ready to take up arms and fight alongside us when needed. We will defend our people against all kind of attacks, and we will be standing by them under any circumstances.”