Cultural genocide institutionalizes in Afrin

Following their physical massacres in Afrin, Turkish invasion forces and their allied gangs have now tearing children, whose families they have murdered, away from their own culture in “Mother Tenzile Orphan Centers”.

The invading Turkish army and their allied gangs have implemented policies of cultural genocide as well as looting, abductions, robberies, torture and murder after they occupied Afrin. As part of these cultural genocide efforts, Kurdish has been banned in schools in Afrin. Names of neighborhoods and villages have been replaced with Turkish names.

The invading Turkish state wants to erase every last detail about Kurdish identity in Afrin, and has built schools and education centers to tear new generations from their culture and assimilate them into Turkishness to cement this policy.

A “center for orphans and culture” was opened on October 7 named after Tenzile Erdogan, the Turkish President’s mother. Turkish and Arab teachers will instruct the children, whose families were killed in Turkish state attacks, according to the curriculum the Turkish state determines.

The Turkish state will thus continue to raise new agents and turn children away from their people in a center they opened for children who “lost their families in the war”, as a continuation of their assimilation policies throughout every aspect of life in the city.

Naming the center after the President’s mother, Tenzile Erdogan, shows what the self-proclaimed neo-Ottoman Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan aims for in these invasions in the Middle East.

The invading Turkish army and their gangs had launched attacks against Afrin on January 20, 2018 and hundreds of civilians had been killed by the Turkish army’s high-tech weapons in the Resistance of the Age. After the invasion, over 300.000 people from Afrin were forced to migrate to Shehba, and they continue to resist there.