MSD: Language of threats won’t resolve the crisis

MSD protested the Syrian Foreign Minister Velid Muallim’s comments that their target after Idlib will be the east of the Euphrates  and stressed that the language of threats won’t resolve the crisis, and is preventing dialogue.

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Spokesperson Emced Osman issued a statement and responded to the Syrian Foreign Minister Velid Muallim who said their next target after Idlib will be the east of the Euphrates River. The statement is as follows:

“Syrian Foreign Minister Velid Muallim issued a joint statement with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim Jafari and said the situation to the east of the Euphrates River goes against the Syrian constitution and that the Syrian government will target the east of the Euphrates after Idlib.

In previous statements we had clearly put forth that the true reason that the dialogue with Damascus was stuck was the old articles and the narrow limits put on the meetings by Damascus. We don’t accept the allegations that foreign powers are preventing the meetings, and we demanded the Damascus government to take steps to soften the tension for a political solution in a national form.

Muallim’s comments prove that the Syrian constitution isn’t enough for current developments. The current constitution should be looked at again and opened for discussion. Because the current constitution has ignored the developments of the last 7 years and the crisis, as well as the great resistance by the peoples. One of the biggest reasons for the Syrian crisis is the Syrian constitution remained as it was on the first day, and ignored the peoples’ demand for democracy.

Meanwhile, we stress that a military path is not a solution and that we won’t be the military wing of the war against the Syrian government. Syrian Democratic Forces are a defense force and protect itself from the enemy. The Syrian government officials’ statements don’t bring a solution and they prevent dialogue.”