Newroz fire on the Baghouz front cleared of ISIS

The SDF captured the last positions of ISIS terrorist militia in Baghouz on Tuesday. Fires have been lit in the liberated area to welcome the New Year, Newroz.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) took yesterday the last positions of the terrorist militia Islamic State (ISIS) in the region of al-Baghouz, ending the military existence of ISIS in northern and eastern Syria.

In the mentioned area on the border between Iraq and Syria, the ISIS jihadists had last entrenched themselves in a vehicle-built position. The area locally called Small Baghouz is already under complete control of the SDF, but there are still operations and battles taking place sporadically.

While the area continues to be cleared of terrorists, the SDF fighters in the ‘Jazeera Storm’ offensive have already launched celebrations for the Newroz Day, March 21st.

The first fires have been lit at the former ISIS positions and on the hills amid celebrations to welcome the New Year. The festivities are accompanied by the traditional dances of Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian-Syriac, Armenian and internationalist fighters.