People of Afrin prepare for winter in tents and ruins

The people of Afrin who have moved to Shehba to continue their resistance there due to genocidal attacks by the invading Turkish state are preparing for winter in the tents and ruins they settled in.

The people of Afrin were forced to move to Shehba due to the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs attacking the city. Families from Afrin settled in tents and houses half-demolished in previous gang attacks, waiting for the day the city will be free again. Thousands of people have settled in tent camps in Shehba.

With the winter coming, the people of Afrin are having a harder time in their migrant state. The tents and ruins the people stay in offer no protection against wind or rain. The people continue to stay there in a display of great will, and are preparing their tents and the ruins for winter as best they can.

Heysem Xelo settled in a ruined house in the Til Qerah village and is covering the windows with tarp to stop the rain. Xelo said they will wait for the day they can return to Afrin and never bow down to invaders, despite all the bad conditions.

Narîman Shêxmûs said the roof and doors of the house she settled in are damaged and rain easily enters the house. She added that this does not affect their faith that they will return to Afrin. Cemîla Mecîd Ebdo said they have plugged all holes in the house with tarp and mud, and added that they will never give up their resistance, whatever may come.

The People’s Municipality distributed cement to people who settled in the Berxwedan, Serdem and Afrin camps and ruined houses in nearby villages.