Tent action to protest closure of Shengal-Northern Syria border

A delegation of the Shengal Democratic Autonomy Council met with border officials.

Following the decision by the Iraqi government to close the Shengal-Northern Syria border crossing, a delegation of the Shengal Democratic Autonomy Council held a meeting with border officials.

After the meeting, a tent action was launched to protest against the closure of the crossing.

The border crossing between Shengal and Northern Syria had been opened for humanitarian assistance during the period of DAESH attacks.

After the liberation of the region by Kurdish-led forces, the border gate opened for humanitarian aid remained available for people to cross.

As all the roads from Duhok and Hewlêr to Shengal were closed, citizens could only find what they need using the Shengal-Rojava border crossing.

However, the border was recently closed by Iraqi forces and is opened only for emergency health situation.

A delegation, including Riham Hico, Co-Chair of the Shengal Democratic Autonomy Council, held a meeting with officials at the border crossing.

After the meeting, Riham Hico said: “The officers told us that the order came from above and that they are only having the order respected.”