Terror in Afrin: Woman’s nails pulled out

L.H. and family spoke about the violence in Afrin after they managed to leave by bribing the gangs. L.H. said a woman’s nails were pulled out by the gangs in their village.

The invading Turkish state and their allied gang groups continue to attack Afrin’s citizens inhumanely. The people refuse to bow down to violence and continue to migrate to Shehba and other regions.

A family of 4 has recently managed to leave Afrin. The family bribed the gangs 300.000 Syrian liras to leave the city, and they managed to reach Aleppo’s Shexmeqsud neighborhood. The Martyr Rubar Qamishlo commune in the neighborhood is seeing to the family’s needs and have settled them in a house.


L.H., who wished to remain anonymous to protect the relatives they still have in the village, spoke about the violence they witnessed. L.H. said the family returned to their ocupied village because they couldn’t manage to leave Afrin: “The first day they gathered us at the mosque and they started to pillage our homes. Afterwards they started to torture people. They abducted young people from the village and tortured them to death. Some folks who were later released had lost their ability to speak.”

L.H. said the gangs tortured a woman named E.M. abducted from the village: “They pulled out all of E.M.’s nails. They later abducted two more women from the village and they just released them a week ago. The two women were abducted once again afterwards.”


L.H. said the gangs demanded half of the olive harvest from the villagers, and that the people who refused were threatened by death. L.H. said two villagers who refused to give their harvest to the gangs despite all the pressure were abducted and tortured violently.


Spouse R.N. said the following on the violence in Afrin: “I was like a prisoner in Afrin. I couldn’t go to my village. They abducted patriots and tortured them to the brink of death, and held them to ransom afterwards. Those who can’t accept the torture in Afrin try to find a way to leave the region.”

R.N. said they were investigated just for speaking Kurdish and that they were only released after paying a 300.000 Syrian lira fine.