TEV-DEM: Turkish state prolongs terrorism

TEV-DEM stated that the Turkish state aims to prolong the life of terrorism by attacking Northern Syria and added: “The attacks are blackmail against the US and European countries to snatch concessions in Turkey’s support for terrorism.”

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Assembly issued a written statement on the Turkish state attacks against Rojava and Northern Syria.

The statement said, “At a time when terrorism is on its last breath on the Euphrates bank, the invading Turkish state has carried out artillery attacks on Syrian lands and Rojava with the aim to support terrorism. The goal behind these artillery shots is to prolong the life of ISIS terrorism and to use terrorism as an element of pressure against the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria and Rojava. The attacks also pose blackmail against the US and European countries to snatch concessions in Turkey’s support for terrorism.”


“What happened in Afrin, Bab, Jarablus and Azaz exposes the greed of the Turkish state as well,” stressed the statement and continued:

“Changing the cultural and demographic makeup, putting regions under Turkish state governance, making Turkish state mandated books mandatory in schools and setting up official Turkish state institutions on Syrian land are signs of this greed. The Turkish state has trampled all international law in implementing these practices, and the Syrian regime is in a shameful state of silence. Russia is a collaborator in these practices. International powers are disinterested in the current situation.


The Turkish state, in their attempt to divide Syrian lands, is accusing the peoples of Syria who are trying to keep their territorial integrity and fight terrorism of separatism! In light of recent developments, in their calculations over the Kurdish issue in Turkey, the US has put rewards on revolutionaries fighting in the Kurdistan mountains. Murat Karayilan, Cemil Bayik and Duran Kalkan are freedom fighters of Kurdistan and their address is the mountains of Kurdistan.

These leaders of the Kurdish people who haven’t engaged in terrorist activity for even one day have been fighting the organized terrorism of the Turkish state. Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has carried out negotiatins with 3 governments in Turkey in the official manner. (Turgut Ozal was killed during peace talks with Leader Öcalan and the PKK. Necmettin Erbakan was dismissed in a postmodern coup d’etat. The Dolmabahce talks with the AKP government were voided by Erdogan.) These negotiations show that these revolutionary commanders are fighting for freedom, they are political opponents and not terrorists. The European Court of Justice has since stated that the arguments leading to PKK’s inclusion in the EU terrorism list were insufficient and that the decision was not fully researched.”

The statement said the PKK administrators targeted by the US are representatives of peace and are revolutionaries: “They have participated in the fight against terror and the military forces under them have played an important part for world peace in the ending of terrorism in the Middle East.”


TEV-DEM concluded the statement with the following:

“Attempts to disband the political solution in Syria have been voided. The Turkish state’s greed and tricks are seen clearly by everybody in Syria.

A democratic, pluralist and decentralized constitution to be written by the peoples of Syria is the ultimate solution.

The unity of Syrian peoples will ensure that the peoples’ projects will prevail against separatist fundamentalist projects.”