This cancer began to be defeated with the resistance in Kobanê

This cancer began to de defeated with the resistance in Kobanê. YPG and YPJ fighters began to fight against the spread of terror.

Many speeches were delivered at the ceremony to salute the victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against DAESH mercenaries.

Hamid al-Mihbas, co-chairman of the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Council said: “Today is a historic day for the peoples of Syria and the peoples of the world. These moments where victory was announced and Northern and Eastern Syria were declared to be saved from terrorism will be written in golden letters.:

Al-Mihbas continued: “The SDF successfully fulfilled their duties. The SDF are a valuable force that have worked for humanity and peace. DAESH once occupied a large area in Syria; its cancer cells were in Raqqa, Tabqa, Girê Spî, Damascus Yarmuk camp. They were going from as-Suwayda Governorate to the border of Turkey.

This cancer began to de defeated with the resistance in Kobanê. YPG and YPJ fighters began to fight against the spread of terror.

The autonomous administrations and the civilian administrations have rebuilt all liberated areas. These administrations responded to the process and supported the people and migrants despite the limited opportunities.”

Ehmed: Next phase will be even more complicated

Ilham Ehmed, Syria Democratic Council (MSD) co-chair congratulated the SDF for their victory against ISIS, as well as the people of Northern and Eastern Syria, all the military forces fighting with the YPG and YPJ and international coalition forces.

Ehmed remembered the martyrs of Northern and Eastern Syria and said: “We are living historical moments. History will write about this victory and the patriotic people and the military forces that achieved it in golden letters. Our forces have fought against this disease, which has shattered our country for 5 years, and free life has finally be achieved again, after many great efforts.”

Ehmed also pointed out that the danger of ISIS is still not completely been erased in the region. “We know that in the moment when the defeat of terror has been declared, the danger still continues in other parts of Syria. We know that the process of geographical liberation does not necessarily mean ending terror. Because they still have cell structures. There is a danger of DAESH re-emergence through cell structures or regional forces. The future process will be more complicated due to the operations to be developed against these cells.”

Ehmed also reminded that “there are 5,000 prisoners and they should be tried in international courts. In addition, there are around 80,000 thousand DAESH family members and their situation needs be clarified and solved. “As MSD, we believe that the international forces and community should continue to support us and fulfil their responsibilities in order to solve these problems.”

The MSD co-chair called on the active forces in the field and the international community to help the political settlement of the Syrian crisis and the return of refugees. “I wish this victory will mean a big step towards peace, and I repeat once again that the political process could not succeed without the the Autonomous Administration.”

Following the reading of the British Ministry of Defense and other congratulation messages, the SDF General Commander Mazlum Ebdî and YPJ commander Newroz Ehmed delivered a plaque to those who played a role in the defeat of ISIS.