Activists in Bern demand release of young activists detained

Politician Nejdet Atalay spoke in Bern at the action in solidarity with Maxmur camp. He said: "The attacks against Maxmur are against all Kurds." and demanded the release of the young people detained in the Iraqi Consulate.

Kurds living in Bern came together to protest the attempt to besiege the Martyr Rûstem Cûdî Refugee Camp.

A statement was made on behalf of Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger at the action. Politician Nejdet Atalay addressed the crowd.

First of all, he protested the detention of 14 young people who carried out a civil disobedience action at the Iraqi Consulate to protest the attacks against Maxmur. “Kurdish youth and the Kurdish people living in Europe see the attacks and siege attempts against Maxmur as an attack against the system created by Leader Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] and against ourselves. We salute the act of civil disobedience carried out by the Kurdish young people at the Iraqi Consulate and demand the immediate release of those detained. We state that we will protect Leader Apo and the democratic system he has built wherever we are.”

Atalay added: “Maxmur has invaluable value for all Kurds. The attacks on Maxmur were made on all Kurds. We salute the action and resistance of the revolutionary youth, and demand the immediate release of those detained."

What happened

Earlier on Friday, Kurdish young people carried out an act of civil disobedience at the Iraqi Consulate in Bern to protest the Iraqi army's siege of Maxmur Camp.

The youths protested the siege of Maxmur with the slogan "Maxmur is a camp for life, it is a rebellion against the occupation of life".

Officials working at the Iraqi Consulate called the police, who came and handcuffed 14 young people, taking them into custody.

The European Kurdish youth movements TCŞ and TekoJIN made a call to "enlarge the struggle" for the release of Kurdish activists.