Afrin people: We trust in the SDF, we will return home

The Turkish state and their mercenaries will be expelled from Afrin and we will return home, say the displaced people of Afrin.

People from Afrin who were displaced by Turkish invasion and then settled in Aleppo are staying in the Sheikh Maqsoud (Şêxmeqsûd) neighborhood and trust that they will return home with the resistance of the YPG, YPJ and SDF.

Sefer Yusif, who had been moved to Afrin from the Seco village of Azaz, was once again displaced due to the genocidal attacks of the Turkish state and allied mercenaries. The man, who then moved to Aleppo, tells the following; “I had to leave my home because of the attacks by Turkish forces and their mercenaries who looted my houose. We couldn’t stay there anymore in the face of the never-ending atrocities of the occupation forces against civilians, so we ended up displaced. I want Afrin to be freed from the invaders.”

Sebrî Hemo from Qude village of Rajo, says; “We had to leave our home. We can’t forget the day we went out of Afrin. While the Turkish state was raining bombs on us from fighter jets, the mercenaries were attacking us on the other hand. We moved to protect our children. The international public opinion didn’t raise their voice against what happened in Afrin. The world has been an accomplice to the crimes committed in Afrin. Turkish forces and mercenaries continue to commit all kinds of crimes in Afrin. We only trust in our own forces. If something will change, it is them to do that. We have great expectations from them. How difficult it might be, they will eventually succeed.”

A young IDP from Afrin, Sara Reşo, says; “We the Kurdish people will resist the occupation forces to the bitter end. We fully support the YPG, YPJ and SDF. Our forces will liberate Afrin. The Turkish state and their mercenaries will be expelled from Afrin and we will return home.”