Autonomous Administration completes construction of Kobanê University's new building

The Autonomous Administration has completed the construction of Kobanê University's new building, which will be opened to students soon.

The construction of the Kobanê University building started in 2018, but was stopped after a while. However, the Autonomous Administration decided to complete the building by presenting a new project last year.

Engineer Nezmi Mihemed, the manager of the project, said that the Autonomous Administration started the project in 2018 by allocating a budget of 1 million dollars for construction and 700 thousand dollars to complete it. Mihemed said: "The surface of the land consists of 7 thousand square meters in total, including other parts of the area of ​​more than 3 thousand meters. In the future, with the dormitory to be built for the university, the area will grow even more. This project has the capacity to accommodate a thousand students. The infrastructure construction has been completed. All that remains to be done is the asphalting of the surrounding roads and the laying of cable networks. All work will be completed within a month."

Mihemed continued: "The new building has nearly 30 classrooms, each with a capacity of 35-40 students, and many offices. The new building consists of 3 sections, 2 for students and 1 for administration. There is a library and a capacity for 400 students and a study hall."

Kobanê University continued its work in a temporary building in the city of Kobanê on 22 October.

Kobanê University has 2 literature and science departments consisting of 12 faculties and colleges (academies). These departments are as follows: Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Natural Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, School of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Languages, Faculty of Management and Legal Sciences, Faculty of Higher Educational Sciences and Studies, Higher Social Scientific Research Faculty.