Balance sheet of Turkish violations and SDF operations against ISIS in May

In the face of ongoing attacks targeting the regions of North-East Syria, the SDF reaffirm their unwavering readiness to deter any potential threats and to ensure the safety and security of the region and its population.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a balance sheet of violations by the Turkish state and anti-ISIS operations by the SDF during the month of May.

The balance sheet published by the SDF Media Center on Sunday includes the following:

“The Turkish occupying State and its affiliated mercenaries have committed numerous violations against the occupied areas and the safe areas of North-East Syria. These violations include killings, kidnappings for ransom, theft of civilians’ money and property, deforestation and cutting fruit trees (particularly olive trees) to sell them as firewood, imposing royalties, extortion, and looting of antiquities and buried treasures through illegal excavations and bulldozing of archaeological sites. Following the earthquake, there has been an accelerated construction of settlements, especially in the occupied region of Afrin, under the supervision of Turkish intelligence services operating under the guise of fictitious “charitable” associations and organizations.

In the areas covered by the Ceasefire Agreement, the Turkish occupying forces have targeted them using artillery and airstrikes, resulting in the loss of civilian lives, as well as damage to the region’s infrastructure.

The consequences of these violations and acts of terrorism are as follows:

Number of abductions in the occupied regions of Afrin in May: 25 civilians, including four women.

Reported cases of rape: Two minors were raped by Turkish occupation mercenaries in the occupied Afrin.

Deforestation: In May alone, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation cut down a total of 2,124 olive and pomegranate trees in the occupied Afrin region. Additionally, approximately 18,000 olive trees were burned. Furthermore, intentional fires destroyed numerous forest trees.

Excavation and bulldozing of archaeological sites: Six archaeological hills and a Yazidi shrine were subjected to excavation in the occupied Afrin.

Moreover, a stone quarry was established to transport stones to Turkey.

Demographic change: Four new settlements were established with the support of associations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and organizations connected to the Turkish occupation intelligence. These settlements were built on lands of the forcibly displaced Kurdish people. The Turkish occupation also constructed a mosque in the city center of Afrin and named it after a Turkish man to change the identity of the Kurdish city. Additionally, a new camp was established in the village of “al-Muhammadiyah” in the countryside of the town of “Jenderesa/Jenderes.”

Artillery and tank attacks: 32 incidents.

UAV Attacks: 4

Military martyrs: 4

Civilian martyrs: 2

Civilian injuries: 9

Killed soldiers of Damascus Government Forces: 4

The number of shells fired: More than 45 artillery shells, mortars, tanks, and missiles were fired on various areas. The majority of these shells landed in the districts of Ain Issa, the occupied Afrin countryside, and Tal Tamir.

Anti-ISIS and Anti-Turkish Spies Operations during May 2023

During May 2023, our Anti-terrorism Units (YAT) conducted intensified and precise security operations against ISIS cells. Some of these operations were in coordination with the Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and with the participation and support of international Coalition Forces., our forces successfully arrested dozens of mercenary terrorists who were planning to target SDF forces and civilians, as well as extort them under the guise of “zakat” payments. Significant quantities of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, and communication devices were seized. Furthermore, severe blows were dealt to the remnants of ISIS cells, leading to the destruction of their hideouts and strongholds. Additionally, our forces dismantled several spy networks linked to the Turkish occupation intelligence. The captured agents, through their confessions, admitted their involvement in targeting our fighters and civilians. They also admitted to carrying out bombings within Autonomous Administration institutions in exchange for monetary gains.

The outcomes of the security and military operations against ISIS cells underscore the ongoing threat posed by terrorist elements and their preparations to carry out attacks in the region. There is information indicating the organization’s attempts to reorganize its ranks in various Syrian regions and launch new terrorist attacks.

The outcome of Anti-ISIS operations during May is as follows:

Unilateral operations: 12 operations, including one operation against Turkish spies.

Partnered operations: 4 operations with the participation of the Counter-Terrorism Group (CTG) of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the International Coalition Forces.

Terrorists captured: 21 terrorists, including two spies linked to the Turkish Occupation.

Terrorists killed: 1

In the face of ongoing attacks targeting the regions of North-East Syria, our SDF reaffirm their unwavering readiness to deter any potential threats and to ensure the safety and security of the region and its population.”