Children in Hol Camp, potential ISIS members in the future

There are 30 thousand children living in Hol Camp. All of them are raised by ISIS mothers and women with this mentality. If a serious intervention and programme is not implemented, this means 30 thousand ISIS members in the future.

The darkness reflected in the eyes and faces of the children who grow up in Hol Camp, especially in the Muhajirat section, has already killed their innocence. All humanity has a duty to help them return to their innocence. The whole world must now realise that the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) cannot overcome this by itself.

The third phase of the Operation Humanity and Security launched by the Internal Security Forces together with the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and YPJ (Women’s Defense Units) continues. The first day of the operation started from the section called Muhajirat, where all foreign women from different countries are located. At 07.30 on 27 January, an announcement was made on the megaphone: "Everyone should take their personal belongings and come out of their tents". Slowly the doors of the tents started to open. Inside each tent, women whose faces were not even visible started to come out. Each woman was accompanied by at least 4-5 children. While the boys were walking around their mothers, the girls, dressed in black hijab with their faces covered, were holding their mothers by their skirts. When they arrived at the assembly area, the women fighters started the registration and fingerprinting process. The operation force also entered the tents one by one and checked them.

Beheading sign accompanied by takbir

While some of the press members were following the operation units, we moved towards the spot where the women were gathered. When we reached the gathering area, the fighters told us not to get too close, because children were being made to throw stones. We cautiously kept our distance and started filming.

We had just switched on our cameras when the first stones started to come towards us. We moved a little further away and continued filming. While the children continued to attack and throw stones at every opportunity, some of them were making beheading signs with their hands. ISIS women were also encouraging them with takbir (chant of Allahu Akbar ‘God is great’).

It is seen that these children are potential ISIS members. It is ISIS women who educate and raise these children and instill this mentality in them. They poison their own children. They give them special training for this. Instead of toys, they even make them toys from the swords and knives that ISIS uses for beheading. We watched them in that square for so long, but we could not witness these children playing games. They grow up seeing everyone in the world as enemies except themselves.

Reproduction through early and multiple marriages

In Hol Camp, every child is born as Eşbal El Xîlafê (Children of the Caliphate). From the moment they open their eyes, they are educated by their ISIS mothers and women. Boys are not only raised as ISIS members but also married to many women when they are over 13 years old. In this way, the camp is intended to be turned into an incubation centre for ISIS.

Women hide their child husbands

In order to prevent this, the Autonomous Administration had previously set up a rehabilitation centre for boys over the age of 13. Boys who have been abused in this way are sent to this centre. During the operation, boys aged 14-15 were found in tunnels dug inside the camp or in some ditches dug secretly inside the tents. Women hide boys of this age and sexually abuse them. Girls are made to wear a black burqa even before they are 5 years old. In the square, we saw girls as young as three years old dressed in a black burqa.

Darkness that kills child innocence

The darkness reflected in the eyes and faces of the children growing up in the Muhajirat section has already killed their innocence. No matter what, they are children and the reason for the darkness on their faces is their mothers who are armed with the dark mentality of ISIS. Those faces and hearts are still children; all humanity has a duty to help them return to their innocence.

The lives of those who are not from ISIS are in danger

The 6th day of the operation continued in the 5th section of the camp. There are mostly Syrian families in this section. In this section, 80 percent of those present have ISIS mentality. The children from this section in the gathering area were more moderate than the children in the Muhajirat section. We could get into them more easily and even had dialogues with some of them. The children gathered around us and asked us to take their photographs. In one photo frame, we saw one child making the victory sign, while another child was giving the takbir sign. One child was even making the victory sign even though the children around him insistently asked him to make the takbir sign. Another point that attracted our attention among the children in the 5th section was that the younger children were more relaxed. It is understood that some families try to show themselves as close to ISIS cells in the camp out of fear. When we wanted to talk to some of the people staying in this section, they said that they were afraid and that they would be killed if they spoke. It is seen that the danger that ISIS cells and mentality will pose to these children in the future is not less than the danger posed to the children in the Muhajirat section.

30 thousand ISIS members in the future

If a solution is not found in the near future for the children living in Hol Camp to get rid of this mentality, a serious ISIS generation will grow up that will threaten not only Northern and Eastern Syria or the Middle East, but the whole world. There are 30 thousand children living in Hol Camp. This means 30 thousand ISIS members in the future. The whole world must realise that the Autonomous Administration cannot overcome this by itself. ISIS families who are citizens of 45 states are still in Hol and continue to pose a great danger to all humanity. A serious programme for women and children is needed.