Committee established to document Turkey's war crimes

Jurists in Northern and Eastern Syria established a committee to document the war crimes carried out by the Turkish state.

A committee was established to document the war crimes carried out by the Turkish state during  the occupation attacks against northern and eastern Syria since 9 October.

The committee, established by lawyers in Northern and Eastern Syria under the coordination of the Justice Council, will serve in the Jazira region.

The committee also established 7 branches in Hesekê with the support of the Lawyers Association. For the same purpose, a branch was established in Til Temir. The other branches of the committee were established in Dirbêsiyê, Amûdê, Qamishlo, Tirbespiyê, Girkê Legê, Dêrik, Kobanê, Tebqa and Raqqa.

One of the committee members, Aynûr Basha, said that hundreds of crimes carried out by the Turkish state have been put forward and they are all documented. "Many war crimes have been carried out since the invasion of the Turkish state. We documented many of these crimes. The Turkish state continues to carry out war crimes. We continue to document these crimes. If there is international justice, an international court should be established and the Turkish state should be tried."

Giving information about the committee's work, Basha said that they were in contact with the lawyers working in Rojava and that the crimes were being investigated. Basha said there is a need to establish a special court like those established for Lebanon, Rwanda and Yugoslavia to put Turkey on trial.