Defense Committee for Öcalan in North and East Syria sends a letter to UN Secretary Guterres

The Defense Committee for Abdullah Öcalan in North and East Syria called on the UN Secretary General to sue the Turkish occupation state before the international judiciary.

Activities condemning the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan continue.  The Defense Committee for Abdullah Ocalan in North and East Syria sent an open letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres.

The letter said: "Every day since Abdullah Öcalan was kidnapped from Nairobi on 15 February 1999, the world has seen the consequences of the international crimes committed by the Turkish state.”

The letter continued: “The invading Turkish state uses legal and inhumane methods against Öcalan, who is held hostage in the Imralı prison island because of a political decision. The Turkish state tortures Mr. Öcalan mentally and physically in order to completely control him. The Turkish state, which kidnapped Mr. Öcalan and refused to grant his fundamental rights, does not make any statement regarding his situation, using excuses such as disciplinary sanctions.”

The letter underlined that “the Turkish state has always defied the international community by committing international crimes. What is happening against Mr. Öcalan in Imrali prison constitutes a crime against humanity."

The letter ended with a series of demands:

“1. The European Commission of Human Rights should put into effect Article 19 and the CPT should fulfil its mission, which is to expose torture.

2- Article 6 of the UN Convention should be implemented. Accordingly, the UN General Assembly should remove the Turkish state from the UN in line with the Security Council's recommendation.

3 - After the intervention of the international community, after explaining the situation of Mr. Öcalan and implementing the project that will ensure his physical freedom, the Turkish state should be tried in international courts. Because Mr. Öcalan is the key to world peace.”