Doctor Michael Wilk: In war, the truth dies first

Wiesbaden emergency physician Michael Wilk expresses himself from Qamisho regarding the invasion of Afrin.

Once again, Michael Wilk has traveled to northern Syria to assist the people as a doctor. On his Facebook page, he wrote his observations on the ground and the misrepresentation in the media:

"The occupation of Afrin by the Turkish army and fundamental Islamist auxiliaries is flanked by a propaganda battle of enormous proportions. Lies are told and false information is deliberately disseminated in order for Erdogan's war to stand as a clean operation against terrorists. Among other things, it is claimed that the self-defense units YPG prevented fleeing people from leaving the region. When asking different witnesses, however, I was credibly assured that the opposite had been the case. Rather, people have been asked to leave the city through loudspeakers of the minarets. This is exactly what has happened. This has reduced the number of victims and avoided the complete destruction of the city."

No civilian victims?

"Likewise, the aggressors stubbornly claim there were no or few civilian casualties. Countless documents attest to the opposite. The victims were mostly recorded by name since the beginning of the invasion on January 20 and published, for example, by the Kurdish Red Crescent (Heyva Sor a Kurd). The documentation was distributed internationally with the request for help. Unsuccessful. Neither the international community, nor the EU, let alone the federal government, showed any significant reactions. At the same time arms were delivered to the NATO partner Turkey, huge sums were paid to help refugees. Bearing in mind that Turkey's military intervention is just starting to cause hundreds of thousands of people to flee, a perversion.

However, this fact has been surpassed in perfidy by criminalizing and harassing those who take to the streets against terror simply because they publicly display the symbols of the Kurdish associations that have expelled the ISIS in an alliance with, among others, the US.

The Kurdish Red Crescent released a scene from the hospital in Afrin two days ago, according to the hospital emergency department, even before it was hit by bombs. The film documents civilian casualties, including children and adolescents. They were obviously all admitted at the same time. They show the impact of massive violence on human bodies in alarming clarity. Screaming wounded and relatives, helpers and workers who are struggling for those lying in blood. The scenes are suitable for psychologically damaging the viewer. Therefore, I have refrained from putting them on the net, but have made them accessible to colleagues, as well as a few reputable media. It would be an option to send them to the political representatives and those responsible for politics. However, I think, in view of the incredible ignorance, the unrestrained attitude of the German political decision-makers, which is unmasked by any scruples, pictures can do too little.

Since they do not have the morality, because they do not have the level of decency and respect, since they do not have the eyes and ears to note the misery they cause, it's up to us: Do not give in protest, do everything possible. The people here know about your efforts, that gives them hope."