Ebdullah says Turkey has left one million people without water

Semar Ebdullah, co-chair of the Hesekê Canton Council, said that the Turkish state, which left one million people without water, has committed a crime against humanity by using basic needs as a weapon.

The curfew, which was announced on 23 March due to the coronavirus epidemic, continues in the northern and eastern Syria regions.

According to the Autonomous Administration sources, 80 percent of the local people do not leave their homes, following the curfew. The measures taken in the region due to the virus are also being increased.

Hesekê Canton Council co-chair Semar Ebdullah talked to ANF about the measures taken due to the coronavirus and the problems caused to the population by the decision to cut water to a million people taken by the Turkish state and its mercenaries.

Ebdullah called on the people living in the regions of the Hesekê Canton (Şedade, Hall, Hesêkê, Til Temir, Amûdê, Dirbesiyê) to comply with the decisions taken by the Autonomous Administration.

Reminding that the World Health Organization reported that the coronavirus epidemic has spread rapidly in the world, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has declared a curfew to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Ebdullah said: "The coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world. The Northern and Eastern Syrian Democratic Autonomous Administration declared a curfew in the precautionary area to prevent the spread of this epidemic. Everyone should comply with this decision taken by the Autonomous Administration to protect public health. Everyone should take precautions and do whatever they can to prevent this epidemic from spreading to North and East Syria."

Calling on people to "stay at home to protect your family and society", Ebdullah said: "Our people should not leave their house except for urgent needs. Our primary duty is to protect our people."

Referring to the measures taken in the Canton of Hesekê, Ebdullah said that the measures were two-staged. In the first stage, public buildings and most used areas were cleaned and disinfected. In the second stage, Ebdullah said that the streets and neighborhoods are being washed and disinfected.

"Hesekê Canton has carried out cleaning and disinfection works in the city through the municipality. Disinfection is continuing in all cantonal regions. We distributed antibacterial disinfectants with cleaning materials to all regions. All public buildings were also disinfected. Then the neighborhoods and streets were washed and disinfected."

Ebdullah emphasized that the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries cut water in the Elok water facility, which meets the water needs of Hesekê and its districts. "The water coming to the region was cut by the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries. This poses big problems. There is a rapidly widespread epidemic in the world, such as coronavirus, and this danger increases when there is no water. The region needs water. The Turkish state uses the basic needs of the people as weapons."

Ebdullah accused the Turkish state and its mercenaries to have committed a crime against humanity by leaving the people without water. 

"Cutting water will also lead to the spread of diseases. - said Ebdullah - The disinfection works we have done in the city due to the lack of water are also disrupted. We invite the United Nations, international organizations and the international public to put pressure on the Turkish state."