Emotional farewell ceremony for 8 SDF martyrs in Şedadê

A ceremony was held at Şedadê martyrs graveyard for 8 SDF fighters who fell martyr in the Honor Resistance and Tebqa Initiative.

The SDF fighters who fell martyr during the Honor Resistance were named as Mecid El-Dexîl (Baran Şedadê), Bîlal El-Ukêz (Hesen Hesekê), Elî El-Mixlif (Egîd Hesekê), Nadir El-Hesen (Fehid Şedadê), Taha Al-Hesen. The SDF martyrs of the Tebqa Iniatitive were named as Yazen Mihemed (Ceafer), Hanî El-Ewad (Jîhad) and Remedan Al-Ferec (Rênas).

The funeral, which was attended by hundreds of people, began with a minute silence and a military ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony Şedadê Military Council Commander Elî Şedadê underlined the honorable resistance against the Turkish state and its occupation attacks.

Nacî Nicûm, from the Martyrs' Families Assembly, expressed his condolences to the families of the martyrs.