Families of martyrs from Afrin: We stand with the resistance of Kobane people

Martyrs’ families from Afrin protested the Turkish state’s attacks on Kobane, underlining that they stand with the resisting people of Kobane.

The Turkish state bombarded several villages in the northern Syrian city of Kobane on 8 January. The bombardment claimed the lives of 8 people and left 12 others injured. Some of those injured remain in a critical condition.

Speaking to ANHA, families of martyrs in Afrin expressed their anger against the attacks, stressing that they stand with the resisting people of Kobane.

Zelûx Mamo, wife of Martyr Cemal Mamo, condemned the attacks, saying, “It is a shame that the states claiming to defend human rights remain silent in the face of massacres against Kobane people and terrible crimes committed against women and children.”

‘They fear free women and children’

“We know that the occupying Turkish state targets our forces because it fears the spread of our movement and continuation of our revolution that was realized owing to the blood of our brave martyrs. The Turkish state fears free women and children,” added Mamo.

Pointing to the importance of enhancing the struggle, she continued, “Under any circumstances, we will support the resistance in Kobane. Turkey’s attacks target all the peoples that seek freedom. We will keep the resistance going until we achieve victory. Our goal is to build a free and peaceful life in our glorious lands.”

Kurdistan Reşîd, mother of Martyr Şahin Rojhilat, said, “We do not accept any massacre against the Kurdish people or any other people in the world. Even if thousands of our people fall as martyrs, we will never give up the struggle alongside the people of Kobane.”

Firyal Hebib, wife of Martyr Reşid Hebib, said, “Arabs and Kurds live in this region. The Turkish state and its mercenary gangs target women and children”, asking “Why do the human rights organisations watch in silence while the Turkish state commits crimes before the eyes of the entire world?”