German and Finnish delegations visit NE Syria

Delegations from Germany and Finland visited the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and met officials.

Last Thursday, two German and Finnish delegations arrived on two separate visits to North-East Syria. During the two-day visit, the two delegations held meetings with the officials of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD).

The two delegations met the administration's officials, represented by the co-chair the Department of External Relations, Dania Ramadan, Abdel Karim Omar, and their deputies Aber Elia, Fanar Al-Kait, the Department’s official spokesman Kamal Atef, and the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Europe, Mizgin Ahmed.

In a separate meeting, the Finnish delegation met the Syrian Democratic Council at the council’s headquarter in Qamishlo, and was received by its co-chair, Amina Omar, a member of the Governing Body, Sanharib Bersoum, and members of the Public Relations Nasreddin Ibrahim, and Ibrahim Selac.

According to Dania Ramadan and Ibrahim Selac, the AANES regions, their administrative system, and the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries' attacks were discussed during the meetings.

They indicated that the two delegations were informed of the latest political developments in NES, recent activities of the MSD, and the need for the AANES to participate in the political process, and the Geneva and Constitutional Committee meetings.

They added, "We highlighted the humanitarian situation in the region against the background of the Turkish attacks and it cutting off water to more than a million Syrians in the city of Al-Hasaka and its environs in addition to the trial of ISIS mercenaries."

On the visit sidelines, the Special Envoy for Finnish Foreign Ministry Affairs to the United Nations, Jussi Tanner, confirmed in a statement to ANHA News Agency, that they had visited the region to hold talks with the AANES to be informed about the camps.

According to ANHA, Tanner stressed that the peoples in the region protected their administration despite the challenges, pointing out that the camps' conditions are difficult. He expressed his gratitude for the AANES's efforts regarding the camps.

Jussi Tanner explained that they are interested in common aspects, especially with regard to "confronting extremism and terrorism now and in the future" for the sake of everyone's security.

In conclusion, Jussi Tanner confirmed that he would tell his observations to his country's government and stressed the need for "restraint" so that peace prevails in the region.

A member of the German delegation pointed out that they had held discussions with the Autonomous Administration and said: “We spoke about the great contribution that Germany is making in this humanitarian field, and we highlighted the contributions that Germany makes at the international level and at the level of humanitarian organizations here on the ground.”

At the conclusion of the meeting that brought the two delegations together this morning with officials of the External Relations Department of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the two delegations received a number of German and Finnish children and women to return them to their homes, according to an official protocol signed at the Relations Department Center in Qamishlo.