Hamdan al-Abid: Turkey exports terror

The leading North Syrian politician Hamdan al-Abid warns against the Turkish export of terror to the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

ANF spoke with the Deputy Co-Chairman of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hamdan al-Abid. Al-Abid warned against Turkey's neo-Ottoman aspirations and accused the dictatorship of "exporting terror" everywhere. He described how the Turkish state has abused the demands of the Syrian people for its own agenda and explains: "It was mainly through the intervention of states like Turkey that groups like al-Nusra and the ISIS were brought into the field. This was done with the intention of breathing new life into Ottoman dreams. Turkey intends to occupy and then annex a part of Syria. This policy is being actively implemented.”

"The Turkish state exports terror"

The prominent politician continued: “After the terrorist militias with whom Turkey had hoped to implement its plans were defeated, it began the invasion with its own troops. One fact became clear during this process: Turkey itself is the terror exporter of the region. Many ISIS commanders have admitted this. It is all part of a concept. A strip from the Mediterranean to Aleppo and all of northern and eastern Syria to Kirkuk and Mosul is intended to be occupied. Turkey first attacked the prisons and camps where ISIS members were held in order to liberate and reorganize them.”

Systematic war crimes

Hamdan al-Abid stressed that actively changing the demography of a region constitutes a war crime, noting that Turkey is encouraged in its actions by the international silence: "All groups acting on behalf of the Syrian opposition were destroyed one after the other in Damascus, Dara and Homs. Their remains were evacuated to Idlib. Now they are being used in the war against North and East Syria. On the other hand, the Turkish state is playing the refugee card with the EU again and again in order to obtain support for its occupation of northern and eastern Syria. It has announced that it will settle refugees in the occupation zone. However, it is not refugees who are being settled here, but pro-Turkish terrorists and their families. According to international conventions, this is a war crime. These conventions have been signed by 160 states, but there is still silence about the Turkish state's action.

Turkey's Muslim Brother Project is a threat to everyone

The Turkish state is attacking the entire region with its highly dangerous project. Through the Muslim Brotherhood it wants to gain influence in the whole region. Take Libya, for example. Today, Libya is under intervention. The Turkish state is not only concerned about the oil wells in Libya. The Turkish state wants to position itself there through the Muslim Brotherhood so that it can threaten both Egypt and North Africa and further increase the pressure on the EU. That is why many terrorists are being moved from Syria to Libya. This poses a great danger to everyone."

"We're ready for dialogue with all"

Al-Abid emphasized that the Autonomous Administration is determined to continue its founding goal of securing Syria's unity and the coexistence of the peoples. It is also ready to enter into dialogue with all sides to end the occupation of parts of Syria.

"Our path is that of resistance"

Al-Abid further explained: "We have chosen the path of resistance and we will continue this path in every area. We are a part of Syria, we said that yesterday and we repeat it today. We moved from home to preserve our dignity, but we do not accept the occupation. We will never accept the current situation. Even in the occupied territories, our people rise up every day and do not accept the oppression. Our path is the path of resistance and we will never deviate from it."