Homeschooling in Rojava under curfew due to pandemic

The Rojava television station is starting a homeschooling plan for the children of the region. Rojava is under curfew due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As in most countries around the world, many children in Rojava can no longer attend school due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria is nevertheless trying to give the children access to education, among other things by using the television station Rojava TV. About 789,000 pupils are affected by the curfews.

Kewser Doko, co-chair of the Education Committee of North and East Syria, said in an interview with ANHA that an educational model via television was already in preparation in Rojava due to the Turkish invasion. This is exactly what is now being implemented in the context of the pandemic. "Because we do not expect that the schools in Rojava will be able to open again soon. Therefore we are working on alternatives."

The education committee is working flat out to ensure that homeschooling via TV can begin as soon as possible, Doko said and added: "We are preparing courses for our students from the first to the eleventh grade. The families have the biggest task. They need to support the children accordingly and enable them to follow the lessons attentively. Every house must become a school."