Injured YPJ fighter: There is no ceasefire, attacks continue

YPJ fighter Serxwebun who was wounded in Saturday’s attacks against northern Syria denied the allegations that a ceasefire was in place.  

Turkish military offensive seeking to invade North and East Syria has entered the 12th day. The ‘Battle of Honor’ given by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) together with the people of the region have a broad repercussion in the world.

Despite a ‘ceasefire’ being talked about, the Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue attacking the people and SDF fighters.

The occupation forces have carried out an attack against both the civilian population and SDF fighters in the Qixeli village of Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) on Saturday. The aggression with fighter jets and howitzers left two SDF fighters dead and six people wounded.

YPJ fighter Heja Serxwebun who was injured in the attack said the following; “There is no such thing as ceasefire. We are being attacked. They attacked with warplanes and UAVs. We repelled their attacks but they continue to hit us taking advantage of the ceasefire. Still, they have not been able to break through our resistance yet.”