Internal Security Forces announce the death of ISIS gang leader

The Internal Security Forces announced that ISIS gang leader Mehmûd El Lehîbî, who was responsible for more than 80 assassination attacks in Hol Camp and beyond, was killed.

The Internal Security Forces Press Liaison Center announced that the gang leader of the assassination cell responsible for the murder of many people in Hol Camp and beyond was killed.

The following information was shared by the Internal Security Forces in a written statement: “As part of our security forces' efforts to identify ISIS gangs, the Public Order Security Institution obtained information about the hiding place of the gang leader of the assassination cell responsible for over 80 killings in Hol Camp and beyond. Our special forces, HAT, carried out an operation on the house where he was hiding on the road to the village of El Xiwêtle in the countryside of Deshisha, with the support of the International Coalition forces, on the night of 4 February.”

The statement added: “ISIS mercenaries opened fire on our forces during the operation and our forces responded to the attack. In the clash that broke out, a gang leader named "Ebû Sufyan", also known as "Mehmûd El Lehîbî", was killed."

In the raided house, the statement said that “a gun and its silencer, a Kalashnikov gun, 2 rifles, a suicide bomb vest, an ISIS mask and a dagger used in the assassination were seized.”

The statement also said that Abu Sufyan, an Iraqi citizen, had several cells affiliated with him in Hol Camp and that he was in communication with Abu Ubeyda, who was killed in a joint operation with the Democratic Syrian Forces (SDF) in Hol Camp on 27 December 2023.