'International forces are responsible for what happened in Hesêkê'

Abdulkarim Omar, co-chairman of the Autonomous Administration Foreign Relations Department, said, "The Turkish state's invading attacks serve terrorism. What happened in Hesêkê is the fault of all foreign powers."

Abdulkarim Omar, Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Department in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, assessed the attack on Hesêkê prison, where around 5,000 ISIS mercenaries are housed, to ANF.

Abdulkarim Omar stated that these attacks are neither the first nor the last, saying, "These occurrences are the result of the international states’ inability to execute their duties. True, we in Baxoz brought an end to ISIS' military presence in the region. However, the terrorism by ISIS is far from over. The victory was merely military. ISIS is still active. Sleeper cells are on the assault all the time. In the places that have been under ISIS control for years, ISIS ideology has not disappeared. Once again, ISIS gangs in prisons and camps are constantly attacking there."

"There needs to be stability in the region for terrorism to end," Omar stated, remarking that the attacks and siege policies against the region formed the basis for the attacks. He continued, "The region is under siege and embargo. All of these things make it possible for ISIS terrorism to persist. When the region's economic position deteriorates, particularly with the closure of the Til Koçer and Semalka border gates, ISIS sees this as a possibility to reorganize itself in these areas. The Turkish state's never-ending attacks and the region's economic distress serve to resurrect ISIS."


Abdulkarim Omar stated that foreign forces manifested irresponsibly with regards to the camps and prisons where tens of thousands of ISIS gang members were detained, and added:

"We have consistently appealed to the international community for ISIS militants in jails and camps. We warned that the current situation could not be maintained. The world and international community must carry out their responsibilities in dealing with the ISIS problem. The international community and its forces must carry out its duty, and the trial of ISIS members must begin as soon as feasible. Every country should take its citizens back. Those who do not accept them should come and assist us, and ISIS members should be prosecuted. Support should be provided to the Autonomous Administration to satisfy the security demands of ISIS detention camps and prisons, among other things. The events occurred in Ghweiran Prison, which was originally not a prison but rather a school. Keeping thousands of ISIS groups in a place like a school will only make matters worse."