“International states approve Afrin’s occupation with silence”

The people of the region say the wall Turkish state put up in Afrin aims to tear the city away from Syria and think that the silence of international states means they approve of the occupation.

The invading Turkish state aims to annex Afrin with the invasion wall they put up, and the silence by the Syrian regime and international bodies is causing protests among the region’s people. The Turkish state abuses this silence and expands the wall towards the Sherawa district every day. The wall starts at Semane and continues for 70 km to the Bab Al Salame border gate.

This invasion plan by the Turkish state has razed the Jilbire village to the ground. 20 houses have been torn down. The wall went through the Jilbire village, dividing up the residents. Checkpoints were put up in the middle of the village.


The people of Afrin protested and said international forces are silent in the face of Turkey tearing Afrin away from Syria because of their own interests.

Emin Aref, from the Basile village of Sherawa but lives in Aqibe village due to the invasion attacks, is unable to go to his village a few kilometers away because of the wall, like many other villagers. Emin Aref said they were forced out of their homes by the Turkish state and their gangs, and that the whole world is aware of the situation.

Aref said the Turkish state set olive trees on fire to build their invasion wall: “The invaders burned down a thousand of my trees. Right now I live in the Aqibe village, 3 km from my own village. I can see my village from afar but I can’t go there.”

Cuma Felah from the Aqibe village said there are conspiracies against the Kurdish people: “Right now who is tearing Syria apart? The people of Afrin have embraced thousands of people coming in from elsewhere like they were brothers, and they lived together. Afrin was known as the city of peace.”

Resident Umer Emin said the invading Turkish state looted many homes in Afrin, abducted people and held them for ransom.