‘ISIS cells in Hol Camp are like a bomb about to explode, waiting to revive’

The Hol camp administration made a statement warning that thousands of ISIS families in the camp are waiting for an opportunity to revive, saying that another possible Turkish intervention would enable the ISIS organization to revive its cells once again.

Located in the Hol (al-Hawl) district of the Heseke canton, the Hol Camp is considered the most dangerous refugee camp in the world. The camp consists of 9 sectors, houses 56,097 people, including 29,152 people who hold Iraqi citizenship (7,791 families) and 18,863 Syrians (4,998 families). The camp is also home to 8,109 women and children of ISIS foreign mercenaries (2,416 families) of 54 foreign nationalities. The ISIS women and children are held in the ninth sector of the camp.

The ISIS terror in the camp is possible in part because the countries of origin of many of the jihadists do not take responsibility for their nationals. With the latest wave of Turkish attacks, the murders in the camp have also increased. At least 30 people have been killed in the camp since the beginning of this year. However, many murders remain undetected, as people simply disappear and their bodies are buried under tents or in other places.

The Hol Camp administration made a statement on Monday and pointed to the effects of the increasingly ongoing attacks against North and East Syria, especially in regard to attacks against the camps where families of ISIS mercenaries are settled and attempt to revive.

Jihan Hanan, Co-Chair of the Hol Camp administration, read the statement in the presence of other camp administration members and workers. The statement pointed out that: “The Turkish regime is attempting to de-stabilize the region and its security by making threats using false pretexts like defending their borders.”

It was pointed out in the statement that the pretexts and accusations which the Turkish state is using to expand its occupation in Syria and the Middle East, as well as their support for terrorist organizations in Syria which are trying to destroy the project of the Democratic Autonomous Administration, have become clear to everyone.

The statement made clear that the Turkish occupation army is using UAVs to target civilian and military bases, posing a great danger to the stability in North and East Syria.

“Thousands of families of the ISIS organization living in the Hol Camp are waiting for a suitable opportunity to revive. In addition, Turkish interference in the region will disturb the stability of the region and enable ISIS to organize themselves in Syria. This may weaken the monitoring of the camp and bring along attempts of escape, and at the same time weaken the engagement of the SDF in the war against the Turkish state and enable the ISIS organization to revive its cells once again,” said the camp administration.

The statement continued: “We, the Hol Camp Administration, stand up to the responsibilities for the safety and health of the residents in the camp and as everyone knows, there are many ISIS terrorist cells in this camp and they are like a bomb about to explode.”

The statement concluded by calling on the international community and international organizations to stand up to their responsibilities of defending the regions of North and East Syria.