ISIS women who fled Hol Camp captured by YAT in Heseke

Three ISIS women with Russian citizenship who had escaped with their children from the Hol Camp in northeastern Syria were caught in a special SDF operation. The women were planning to depart for Turkey.

Three female followers of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (ISIS), who were able to flee from the Hol Camp in northeastern Syria, have been recaptured. SDF units were able to arrest the jihadists and their six children in a house in Hesekê. The operation took place in the Kelasê district. A helper of the women was also arrested.

In the past week, members of YAT, the anti-terrorist units of the Syrian Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF), followed up the whereabouts of a group of ISIS women and children who fled the Hol Camp and were reported to have reached Heseke.

On Thursday, YAT units captured the group following a raid on a house in Heseke. According to YAT information, the women made different statements during their interrogation. One of them said that she had escaped from Hol Camp because she wanted to go to Idlib. The other two stated that they had tried to get into the Turkish occupation zones in al-Bab, Jarablus or Azaz. From there they wanted to cross the border into Turkey.

According to Roj Hesen from the management of Hol Camp, it has become increasingly difficult to keep the camp under control since the beginning of the invasion of northern and eastern Syria. In the prisons with members of the ISIS, the situation is similar. So far 635 escape attempts have been thwarted. However, many ISIS prisoners and their families have already been able to escape.

Hol, the most dangerous camp in the world

Hol Camp is located about 40 kilometers east of the cantonal capital city Heseke. It was built by the UNHCR for Iraqi refugees at the beginning of 1991 during the Second Gulf War. After it was closed in the meantime, the camp was reopened during the Iraq war in 2003. Since the dismantling of the ISIS territorial rule last March, it is mainly used to house women and children who previously lived in areas under ISIS control. The Camp accommodates about 71,000 people. Nearly 40,000 of them are ISIS women with their children.

Incidents of violence

For months now there have been incidents of violence motivated by Islamism in the Hol Camp. Parallel to the beginning of Turkey's invasion of northern and eastern Syria, which is contrary to international law, Islamist-motivated violence in the camp has increased even further. Supporters of the so-called ISIS have set up a secret court in which women from the camp are sentenced for "misconduct". With the "religious police" (Hisba) they also try to maintain their tyrannical rule. Several people have already been murdered by jihadists. Only yesterday the camp management discovered the bodies of an Iraqi couple. Here too, the authorities are assuming a religiously motivated violent crime.