Kongra Star calls for international action against Turkey's crimes against civilians

AANES official was among the four victims of a deadly Turkish aerial attack in Sulaymaniyah countryside last Friday.

The women’s umbrella organization in North and East Syria, Kongra Star, released a statement about the martyrdom of AANES official Ferhat Shibli in a Turkish attack in Sulaymaniyah city in South Kurdistan (North Iraq) last Friday, June 17.

Shibli was the Vice-President of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) and was in Sulaymaniyah for medical care when a Turkish UCAV struck a civilian car carrying him and his three friends near the village of Berlut in the north of the Kelar town near Sulaymaniyah.

The Kongra Star statement released on Monday said, "It is not the first time that Turkey has targeted civilians, while the world has remained blind and deaf about what Turkey is doing in the region.”

Kongra Star said that the Turkish state sought to restore the defunct Ottoman Empire, to re-implement the ‘Misak-I Milli’ [National Pact, which awards Turkey large parts of Rojava/North Syria and South Kurdistan/North Iraq] and to destroy the project of democratic nation and brotherhood of peoples.

Denouncing the Turkish violation of all international and humanitarian agreements, Kongra Star stated that the Turkish state committed genocide against the Kurdish, Syriac and Armenian peoples living in the region.

Kongra Star urged the international community, all international forces and humanitarian and human rights organizations, to prevent Turkey’s crimes and to bring those responsible for the martyrdom of Ferhat Shibli to account as per their legal and moral responsibility.

Kongra Star ended its statement by calling on the South Kurdistan government to launch an investigation into Turkish crimes against Kurdish patriots.