TEV-DEM condemns killing of Ferhat Shibli in Kelar

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) condemned the killing of Ferhat Shibli in Kelar and said: "This attack took place after the Astana meeting, with the cooperation of the Iraqi government and the KDP."

TEV-DEM made a written statement about the killing of Ferhat Şibli and his three friends. The four were killed by a drone in the Kelar district of Sulaymaniyah on 17 June.

The statement said: "First of all, we offer our condolences to all the Kurdish people, the peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria, and the families of the martyrs."

The statement continued: "Ferhad Shibli and his friends were killed by the Turkish state drones in the Kelar region. Since targeting takes place in Bashure Kurdistan, it is in a dangerous framework. The invading Turkish state uses Iraq’s airspace for its planes. It constantly violates the border between Syria and Iraq. Although the International Coalition is in the region, it turns a blind eye to these violations.

This attack took place after the Astana meeting, with the cooperation of the Iraqi government and the KDP. This paved the way for the Turkish state to target pioneers and commanders with drones.”

Noting that Ferhad Shibli was one of the commanders of the Rojava Revolution and served the people for years, TEV-DEM said: "He was a revolutionary and a fighter, he contributed to the establishment of TEV-DEM and worked as a member of the TEV-DEM Board of Directors. His aim was to organize society everywhere indiscriminately. He played a great role in establishing relations between the components and tribes in the region.

We strongly condemn the silence of the international forces about the invading Turkish state's constant targeting of our commanders and leaders. We see them as partners and responsible for attacks that are immoral and devoid of human values.”

The statement ended with the following statements: “We promise to follow the path of Martyr Ferhad Shibli and all the martyrs of freedom. Our insistence on increasing the struggle against all the invasions and threats of the fascist Turkish state is increasing. We call on all peoples, political and national forces, and civil society organisations to attend the funeral of Martyr Ferhad Shibli.”