Kurdistan Green Party responds to Damascus government

The Kurdistan Green Party voiced reaction to the statements made by the Damascus Government, which blame the Syrian Democratic Forces, saying, “Those who are not different from each other support each other.”

The Kurdistan Green Party released a statement in response to the Damascus government’s statements blaming the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“The Damascus government officials make statements as if they forgot themselves killing millions of Syrians, arresting hundreds of thousands of people, bombing hospitals, schools, mosques, and homes, and using chemical weapons”, said the statement.

Calling the Damascus government primarily responsible for the Syrian crisis which has been ongoing for 11 years, the statement continued, “The attitude of the Damascus government damages the people. We see that those adopting similar attitudes support each other. The Turkish state occupied a part of Syria before the eyes of the Damascus government, which took no action against the invasion and granted all the resources of Syria to Russia.”

The Damascus government, in cooperation with the Damascus government and Turkish state, was involved in the attack against the prison in Heseke, the statement remarked, stressing that the attacks seriously damaged the people and forced a large number of citizens to migrate.

“Under any circumstances, we will continue to stand with the SDF and Internal Security Forces. We have confidence in their ability to keep prisons under control. With all our strength, we will continue to struggle for the success of the Autonomous Administration which is the only way of saving the Syrian people from the chauvinist political power”, the statement said.