March in Deir ez-Zor against Turkey’s threats of invasion

People of northern Syria continue their protests against Turkey’s threats of invasion.

Hundreds of people joined a march in Siwar town of Deir ez-Zor today to protest the Turkish state’s threats to invade North and East Syria.

The protest was joined by members of the Deir ez-Zor Civil Council, Syrian Future Party, Assembly of Martyrs’ Families, notables from the clans in the region and hundreds of residents of the town.

Demonstrators carried photos of martyrs as they marched behind a banner that read “No Turkish invasion”.

The march ended with a rally in the town center where Popular Assembly executive Abdulwehab El-Hemade addressed the crowd and made clear that the people of Syria stood in unity against threats of invasion.

Speaking after, Tirkî Celal, an executive of the Assembly of Martyrs’ Families, vowed that the people will follow in the footsteps of martyrs until every inch of their lands is liberated from occupiers.

Syrian Future Party executive Ehmed Casim El-Hemed put emphasis on the need for the solution of the problems through dialogue, while Women’s House administrator Fatme Husên stressed that the people will stand together against the policies of invasion.