Message from Azeri and Armenian fighters in Rojava

Azeri and Armenian fighters in Rojava condemned the “fascist Turkish state’s planned massacre over Azerbaijan.

In a video message, Azeri and Armenian fighters in Rojava responded to the Turkish state instigating the conflict on the Azerbaijan-Armenia border.

Fighters on the Rojava front said; “We condemn the massacre the fascist Turkish state seeks to commit over Azerbaijan. The Turkish state continues to harbor grudge and enmity towards the Armenian people. Our fight is against the Turkish and Azerbaijan states.”

The message of the fighters includes the following:

“We have no animosity against the peaceful people of Azerbaijan. No folk is a party to the enmity of their government. The Turkish people are bearing the traces and effects of racist enemy. We call on the people in the region; do not fall into the false and deceiving words of imperialist and fascist governments. Have your eyes open to their black propaganda. Deal with the matters over all their dimensions and causes. All the peoples in the region, unite in the ranks of the revolution. Destroy the fascist governments and policies of grudge. We are fighting ISIS and al-Nusra fascists to defend our peaceful people in Rojava. The Turkish regime is sending the mercenaries in Idlib to Azerbaijan to fight against Armenia. The people of Azerbaijan should not claim the fascist gangs. They will not come to Azerbaijan for peace and freedom. All they purpose is theft and looting. The people of Azerbaijan should not believe the fascist gangs. The fascist Turkish state has Ottoman dreams. We are internationalist freedom fighters. There are no national differences for us. We are ready to stand with all oppressed peoples, to join their ranks and to fight. We are ready to fight against the fascist Turkish state in the ranks of the peoples.”