MIT kidnaps Syrian lawyer in Afrin

Turkish Intelligence kidnapped a lawyer who exposed the mercenary leaders working for national security and the implementation of the policies of the Turkish state against the Syrian people.

Hama lawyer Ekrem Cinêd was kidnapped from his office in Cindirês city in occupied Afrin by Turkish intelligence (MIT) and "Sultan Silêman Shah Brigade" mercenaries.

According to the information obtained, the lawyer had revealed the relationship between the "National Army" ringleaders, who served to protect the national security of the occupying Turkish state and to ensure implementation of its policies against the Syrian revolution.

In the one-minute recorded video, lawyer Cinêd said that the occupying Turkish state trains thieves, drug dealers and criminals and that money is sent to them to protect the national security of the Turkish state at the expense of the massacre of the Syrian people. Cinêd stated that these mercenaries do not represent the Syrian people.

In addition, Cinêd said that the fate of these criminals was the dustbin of history, and although they tried to realize the projects of the Turkish state by murdering children and women, the Syrian people did not change their attitude towards them.